Our Story

Childhood is precious. It is the most formative phase of life when children first discover and engage with their surroundings, forge relationships and make sense of their environment.

Smartsters is a labour of love, created by parents who understand first-hand the limitations of indoor spaces. Home is where our kids live, sleep, grow, play, study, dream and build their most significant bonds. It is the immediate environment that shapes their emotional, physical, social and cognitive development. At Smartsters we recognized that when designed thoughtfully indoor spaces at home can aid children's development and growth. We asked ourselves why indoor spaces aren't better designed to bring alive the spirit of childhood.

We Asked Ourselves

  • How can our homes be designed to spark curiosity and imagination?
  • How can the design of children's furniture and spaces help elevate childhood experiences, evoke joy, create a sense of wonder?
  • Can self-sufficiency and confidence be inculcated through everyday routines?
  • Can the design of home objects that children engage with daily help them channelize their energies and better regulate their emotions?
  • What makes a child concentrate better? Develop empathy? Learn to persevere?

We spoke to children, parents, child development experts and designers to learn more. We kept wondering, searching, enquiring, refining our ideas, putting them down on paper, and pushing the boundaries of design, until… Smartsters was born!

Smartsters creates furniture and decor products designed for kids

Our mission is to support the holistic development of children. Our mission is to make our homes spaces that children love, spaces that make them happy, spaces that help them thrive.

Smartsters is the result of a deeply empathetic approach to childhood, brought to life with inputs from award-winning designers and child development experts. As parents, we want nothing more than a joyful, play-filled, free thinking childhood for our kids. We are committed to making homes equipped for childhood!

Welcome to Smartsters! Your Happy Place