What Matters in Kids’ Study Table? Desktop

What Matters in Kids’ Study Table?

In a child’s room, their study table is the centerpiece of their learning experience. Whether it is a study table for a teenager or one intended for a younger child, it should enable the child’s cognitive growth, while supporting their ergonomic needs. When you pick one, there should be multiple factors that you take into consideration. For example, you need to make sure that the one you choose is truly the best study table for students. On the other hand, school work is not the only purpose of such a table. Hence, you need to look for a modern study table for a teenager to keep them engaged beyond study sessions as well. Here are some factors that matter when you’re picking a study table for your kid.

Study table size

The available space in the room is an important factor to consider when you’re picking a study table. In smaller rooms, a linear design might be the best study table for students of all ages. For example, a design like Cubby can go up against the wall or the corner, leaving an adequate area in the center of the room for other activities. When you have a bigger space available or want to get a table for siblings, you can go all out with an L-shaped design to encourage space sharing.

Desk space on study table

Think of how your child is going to use the study desk that you pick for them. If they’re just going to do a couple of math problems and then move on to a separate activity table, then you might be able to get away with limited desk space. However, if the desk is going to be their hub for creativity, brainstorming, and art exploration then you need to give them enough space to do that. Pick the Step Up desk to give them a versatile desk that also features a pin-up board for their art pieces.

Study table with storage space

Studies show that encouraging organizational habits in kids enhances their mental aptitude. A study table with storage options can be a great way to get them into self-organizing their study material, art supplies, and more. Even a study table for a teenager needs to accommodate their frequently used possessions. A study table like Skyline is designed to maximize storage options, giving your kids the agency to choose what to showcase on its open shelves and what to store privately (and securely) in its closed drawer and cabinet.

Decoratable study table

Through their day-to-day interactions with the world, kids and teenagers learn more about expressing themselves better. Even the study table furniture that you choose for them can aid them with this. A design like Spaceship features shelves and pin-up boards that give them multiple ways to showcase their artwork, favorite toys, collectibles, and possessions - in turn developing their individual personality through self-expression.

Study table portability

While not as critical as other factors for every household, if you need to keep the layout of your room dynamic, portability is key in study table furniture choices. Pick a design with wheels or a lighter frame that is easier to move around. Step Up from Smartsters features a minimal design. This also helps make it easier to clean frequently and allows you to encourage your kid to maintain their own furniture. 

Flexible study table design

The speed at which children grow can be astounding for even the most prepared parents. While you’re looking for the best study table for students or a modern study table for a teenager in your home, always account for the fact that their needs will evolve and change shortly. Table designs with adjustable features or bigger designs that can accommodate future growth are better choices for growing kids.

Best chair for study table

Once you’ve used all the above factors to pick the right study table for your home, the next thing you need to do is pick a chair. Choose options like Jigsaw from Smartsters to complement a good study table. Jigsaw is designed with soft upholstery and ergonomic back support for longer study or activity sessions at the desk. It's a great companion to Smartsters’ range of study tables.

How to pick the right study table

Remember, the study table you choose needs to bring together comfort, usefulness and versatility while being safe and engaging for your child to use. Get them to make the final decision among your shortlisted options. This way, you’ll get them invested in the choice and see them find a new favorite space in their room in no time at all.

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