The Evolution of Bunk Beds Throughout History Desktop

The Evolution of Bunk Beds Throughout History

Even though no one can confirm the appearance or origin of bunk beds, it is no disputing the fact that these options were around for ages now. Futon bunk beds, loft beds, and regular ones are some of the different forms of bunk beds. These options were able to maintain the bedrooms and hearts of children and parents for so many generations down memory lane.

There are good reasons behind the growing popularity of bunk beds and why they have been popular for ages now. There is nothing quite like the joy and fun of sharing the same bunk with your friend or sibling, where you get to share stories at night! No one is napping too soon!

Bunk bed designs: A space-saving revolution:

Even though it is difficult to trace where the kid's bunk beds came from, it is believed that the Ancient Egyptians were the ones from where the idea of bunk beds came into existence. They were the ones to indulge in the theory of bunk beds.

Even though there isn’t any visible testimony to confirm this thought, it can be easily assumed that the loft beds used by the ancient Egyptians look quite similar to the luxurious and modern bunkers, which you have seen being used these days. At Smartsters, we have some of the best bunk bed designs to give out a try. Once you have chosen us for help, there is no need to look for a secondary approach anymore.

Bunk beds with storage: Modern space-saving solutions

Modern and fashionable bunk beds are available in a myriad of shapes, colors, designs, and substances. Nowadays, you will come across bunk beds with storage, which was hard to see beforehand. These beds, as understood from the name, come with extra storage units, where you can easily store your kid’s items, and make the room look less cluttered.

  • During the early times of modern bunk beds, you would have boxy, similarly shaped, and sized beds, which are perched on top of one another. It was a testament to function and form.
  • But, later in the years, you have commercially feasible and accessible double bunk beds, which are used as an equal part of sleeping and an equal part of the art form.
  • Right now, bunk beds are not something to be used in a bedroom. It has become a center of attraction as well. That’s why parents are getting these beds for their kids from Smartsters, even to this date.

The materials to consider:

There are bunk beds from Smartsters, which are made using premium quality wood elements like walnut or maple bunk beds. Some people are looking for something more compelling. So, they are looking forward to iron or metallic-based bunk beds. 

  • Apart from the products used for constructing these beds, there are colors infused with the style to help these accessories pop out a bit more. 
  • Some of the colors as seen in bunk beds with trundle these days are cherry, bright white, black, dark blue, silver, and some other ones down the line.

If you check these modern options, they are completely different from the ones used by Egyptians back in the day. However, these changes were necessary if you want to add a bit of personality to your bunk beds. The team from Smartsters is well aware of this point and has introduced so many variations to give out a try. You are most welcome to check out all the possible options before coming to a decision. The more you research, the better options will surely come to your side.

Types of bunk beds: A visual exploration of diverse forms and designs

Another major improvement as seen in modern bunk beds from Smartsters is the different forms they can take. Yes, you can opt for the standard twin bunk beds for sure, but now there are loads of additions made to make the beds more comfortable.

  • You can get twin above full bunk beds these days.
  • These beds have a full-sized bed at the rear portion and a simple twin-bed sitting right at the top.
  • These days, bunk beds are going to serve a greater purpose than just providing a space to sleep on. 
  • Now, these beds can be used as space savers and decorative home pieces as well.

No matter the type, style or form it might be, there is one aspect that remains the same. It is with pure joy and fun that these bunk beds are subject to provide on a daily basis! Checking out the available types of bunk beds is a necessity before proceeding further with your choice. For that, you are cordially invited to come and visit us at Smartsters and get the right solutions here. We have loads of options to try and you will surely find one that seems to be your perfect choice.

A perfect addition to your room:

A bunk bed is always considered to be a great way to make the most of the available living space within your child’s bedroom. In case you have a larger family to accommodate and have few rooms in hand, then a bunk bed from Smartsters will be your winning move. If you don’t mind sharing your room with your sibling or cousin, then we have loads of bunk bed options to give out a try. 

Right now, parents are known to have at least two kids. If you want the kids to sleep together at night but don’t have ample space in the kid’s room to accommodate two beds, then a bunk bed is the right solution.

Get it from Smartsters:

Smartsters is your first and foremost choice whenever you are planning to purchase bunk beds. We have ample options to choose from and you won’t have to look anywhere else for a secondary option. Just go through all the possible points and you will love the results coming your way. Check-in with the experts and we have value-added discounted deals on our bunk beds for a limited time frame only. 

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