The Best Bunk Beds To Cheer Up Your Kid's Bedroom Desktop

The Best Bunk Beds To Cheer Up Your Kid's Bedroom

Bunk beds for kids come in various styles and configurations to suit different needs and preferences. When choosing a bunk bed for kids, consider factors such as the age of the children, the available space, safety features, and additional functionalities. Here are some popular types of bunk beds for kids:

Popular types of bunk beds for children’s room furniture

Let's explore some popular types of bunk beds for children:

Twin-over-twin bunk bed

The classic twin-over-twin bunk bed is a timeless choice. It consists of two twin-sized beds stacked on top of each other. This type of bunk bed is versatile and works well for most children's bedrooms, making it a popular option for many families. Suitable for younger children, these beds work well in smaller bedrooms or rooms with limited space.

Twin-over-full bunk bed

A twin-over-full bunk bed features a twin-sized bed on the top bunk and a full-sized bed on the bottom. This configuration is excellent for siblings with significant age differences or for sleepovers with cousins and friends.

Loft bunk bed

Loft bunk beds for teenagers have a raised top bunk with open space underneath, providing room for a study area, play space, or storage. These are like high sleepers. Some loft beds come with built-in desks, shelves, or play tents, making them a functional and fun choice for older children.

L-shaped bunk bed

L-shaped bunk beds are designed with the two beds forming an L shape. This configuration is ideal for rooms with unconventional layouts or when you want to maximise corner space.

Triple bunk bed

Triple bunk beds are perfect for families with three children or for hosting sleepovers. They feature three beds stacked on top of each other, providing ample sleeping space while conserving floor area.

Slide bunk bed

Slide bunk beds come with an attached slide that adds an element of playfulness and excitement to bedtime. The slide provides a fun way for kids to get down from the top bunk, making it an enjoyable addition to the bedroom.

Storage bunk bed

Storage bunk beds have built-in storage solutions, such as drawers or shelves, that help keep the room organised and clutter-free. These beds are particularly practical for kids’ bedrooms as it helps them learn how to organise.

Castle or playhouse bunk bed

Castle or playhouse bunk beds feature unique designs that transform the sleeping area into a whimsical play area. These imaginative bunk beds often come with decorative features like towers, curtains, and themed decorations, making bedtime an adventure.

Novelty bunk bed

Novelty bunk beds come in various designs to cater to different interests and themes. From race cars to princess castles and space shuttles, these bunk beds add a touch of fun and creativity to your kids’ bedroom.

Picking the right bunk bed for kids involves careful consideration of safety, functionality, and the child's needs. Measure the room, evaluate safety features, consider the child's age, and choose the configuration that suits your space and preferences. Twin-over-twin, twin-over-full, loft, L-shaped, triple, and futon bunk beds are all popular choices that can elevate your child's bedroom while providing space-saving solutions and adding an element of excitement and fun. 

Advantages of a kids’ bunk bed

Bunk beds offer numerous benefits that make them a popular choice for children's bedrooms. Here are some of the key advantages of having a bunk bed:

Space-saving solution:

One of the primary reasons people choose bunk beds for their kids is their space-saving design. By stacking two or more beds vertically, bunk beds utilize the vertical space in a room efficiently. This is especially valuable in smaller bedrooms or shared living spaces, where maximising floor space is crucial.

Accommodates multiple sleepers:

Bunk beds are perfect for accommodating multiple sleepers in a single room. Whether it is siblings sharing a bedroom or kids having sleepovers, bunk beds provide a practical solution to comfortably sleep multiple people in a limited area.

Encourages bonding:

Bunk beds can create a sense of togetherness and bonding among children who share a room. Sleeping in proximity fosters companionship and helps build strong relationships between siblings when they are growing.


Bunk beds come in various configurations and styles, offering versatility to suit different needs. Some bunk beds come with built-in storage solutions, desks, or play areas, adding extra functionality to the room.

Fun and adventure:

For children, sleeping in a bunk bed can feel like an exciting adventure. Climbing up the ladder to the top bunk and having a private space can add an element of playfulness and imagination to bedtime.

Practical for kids' bedrooms:

Bunk beds are especially practical for children's bedrooms. They allow parents to create designated play areas or study spaces underneath the top bunk, making the most of the room's layout. Just make sure you have the right bed mattress for them.


Bunk beds can be a cost-effective solution, especially when compared to buying two separate beds. They offer double the sleeping space without doubling the cost or the footprint.

Easy cleaning:

Cleaning and tidying up the bed and the bedroom become more manageable with bunk beds. At Smartsters, all the furniture is made with engineered wood and water-resistant finish. So simply wipe clean and your bed will be as good as new. And with less furniture occupying the floor, it's easier to vacuum and keep the area clean too.

Bunk beds offer a range of benefits, from space-saving efficiency to encouraging bonding among children. They are versatile, fun, and practical, making them an excellent choice for various living arrangements. Whether you're looking to optimise space, accommodate multiple sleepers, or add an element of excitement to your child's bedroom, a bunk bed can be an ideal and practical solution.

Why buy at Smartsters?

Kids are like clay. You can shape, mould, and influence them easily. That is why we think it is important for them to have the right support in terms of their room. Involving them in bigger decision-making processes like which kids' bunk beds and storage furniture would they want to use, can help them grow into responsible adults. Kids furniture, children’s chairs, night lamps for kids, uniquely shaped cushions; you name it, we’ve got it.


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