How Bunk Beds help Siblings at Home Desktop

How Bunk Beds help Siblings at Home

Building a living space for your child can involve multiple goals - the space has to be functional yet fun. It also has to be versatile yet have enough room for movement. But before all of that, it has to be a piece that is loved by your kid so that it becomes a positive part of their room. There’s one type of furniture that fulfills all of these criteria effectively - modern bunk beds.

Designed primarily to save space, bunk beds have evolved to be synonymous with children’s rooms, especially in homes where siblings share a room. In fact, modern bunk beds are good enough to be found in boutique hotels and vacation spaces around the world as well. 

So what makes bunk beds click? 

To understand this, we have to take a deeper look at our own childhoods. Try to remember experiences that have stayed with you after growing up - experiences that have had a strong emotional impact. These emotions have shaped who you are as an individual. One such emotion that plays a crucial role in child development is joy. 

Joy is a monumental tool for generating confidence, developing social skills, and promoting brain health among children. Remember how you felt when you entered the playground? The sensations of climbing, jumping, running are linked to the feeling of joy, which in turn aids stress relief and boosts learning ability.

Now, can you guess which piece of furniture can bring a similar feeling to your child’s room? That’s right, its bunk beds.

The primary reason that makes bunk beds popular with children is the amount of delight and joy they offer. In addition to being a source of comfort they bring in a slice of the playground straight to your kid’s room. Modern bunk beds like the Climbr look like they’ve emerged straight from the playground. Built with a climbing wall on one side, it allows children to experience a joy similar to what they feel on the jungle gym in the playground.

However, delight is not the only need that is fulfilled by bunk bed designs. They also give growing kids an outlet for their rising physical strength.

A strong choice

Experts recommend kids of all ages to be active throughout the day for optimal physical and mental growth. In fact, for kids aged 6 to 12, up to an hour of activity involving aerobic, muscle strengthening and bone strengthening activities is suggested. In addition to growing up with good health, physical activity also helps children regulate their sense of anxiety and discomfort. A durable design for their day-to-day furniture encourages them to exert their growing strength safely to come to terms with their changing capabilities.

You don’t have to go after picking a specific bunk bed design, such as bunk beds with a slide. Going after a material that is durable is a wiser course of action. Wooden bunk beds can be a better pick for beds that have to survive the demands exerted by growing kids. 

A brain-pleaser

Physical exercise enhances the area of the brain that is responsible for memory, task management, coordination, planning and inhibition. Essentially, it has a net positive effect on the neural capabilities of your child’s brain. Hence, bunk bed designs that incorporate physical activity are also helping your kid grow their cognitive abilities. Studies have shown that young people who exercise more have lower levels of depression, stress and psychological distress, and higher levels of positive self-image, life satisfaction and psychological well-being. 

It can also achieve the same result by sparking their imagination through its design. For example, the Climbr bunk bed from Smartsters could be a full fledged climbing adventure to your child. Their quick reactions and innovative playtimes enhance their mental acuity to a great extent. 

Share & care

Bunk beds are a popular choice for homes with siblings. Its benefits go beyond space saving designs. By encouraging siblings to decide things like who gets the top bunk, how the bed is decorated, which bed linen to use, it enhances the sense of collaboration between them. Even without these explicit calls to work on things together, sharing a space where they find comfort and stress-relief builds a lasting bond between siblings. This, in turn, improves their relationship with each other. 

Additionally, the extra floor space that bunk beds free up will also be naturally used by the siblings in a collaborative fashion since it is within their shared room. This brings them together at playtime and enriches their sense of camaraderie.

Twice the fun

Bunk beds are a unique proposition for your child’s room. At the surface, they offer twice the functionality of a single bed. Look deeper, and you see the myriad ways in which they have a positive impact on child development. If you’re planning to bring one home, check out the range of bunk beds from Smartsters to rely on the expertise of award winning designers and child development experts.

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