Furniture for Kids – The Ultimate Parent’s Guide Desktop

Furniture for Kids – The Ultimate Parent’s Guide

Whether you’re planning for a full room makeover or just planning to get a few new pieces, picking furniture for your children can be a daunting task - and for good reason. 

You would want to make choices that are designed for the maximum comfort and fulfill their intended purpose. They need to be fun for your littles ones while being safe to use unsupervised. Additionally, to get the most value, you would need to pick something that they won’t outgrow immediately. 

Doesn’t sound like child’s play, does it?

However, daunting doesn’t mean impossible, which is why we’re here to help you. Read on to discover a few useful tips to make choosing your kids’ furniture much easier.

Make a plan

It can be tempting to walk into your favorite furniture store and buy fancy bunk beds or a large study table design that you’ve been eyeing for your children. However, it is always helpful to put in some time to figure out your actual needs, your budget and the space that you’ll put the furniture in. These considerations will help you narrow down your options significantly.

Aim for versatility (developmental along with functional) 

Children grow faster than you can keep up, and their needs and wants change even faster. This makes it crucial to think of shopping for your children from a versatility standpoint. Can the toy storages you’re planning to buy also function as children’s chairs? Is the lamp in your kids room also ready to be a toy when demanded by your kids? Can you pick a bed with drawer storage? Such options end up being pocket friendly too.

Balance timelessness with age-appropriate choices

The impulse to buy cuter things for your child’s room when they are younger is undeniable. However, you must also balance it with the awareness that furniture is a long term investment. Find pieces that can be used by your kids for at least a few years, or refurbished into other purposes as they grow up. For example, the Climbr bunk bed has a climbing wall, which can be used in later years to display artwork and to organize. Aim to transition pieces like children’s bunk beds into teenager beds effortlessly.

Incorporate developmental elements

Every interaction your child has with the world around them can be a learning experience for them. This makes it imperative that you construct their room with a focus on their developmental needs. Look out for furniture and decor that provides opportunities for deep pressure touches, rhythmical movements and other positive environmental interactions that encourage sensory exploration. Similarly, pay attention to the textures that deliver positive tactile sensations. For example, the entire range of study desks from Smartsters are designed with these principles.

Pick quality and durability

Chasing discounts and offers online can be quite tempting. However, please take a moment to consider the quality of the item before you add it to your cart. Is it built to endure the changes that your child will go through as they transition from childhood to early teenage? Are the materials used in the new toy storage safe in the short term and long term? A high quality piece might feel like a splurge but will pay off as an investment into your kids’ childhood.

Choose storage space

A child’s world can be quite chaotic - an array of toys, color boxes, pencils, clothes, books wait to greet you when you step into their room. Even if you ignore the mess, it can be dangerous to have some of these things strewn around. Pick furniture with storage to ease and encourage organization in your child’s behavior. A storage bed or a seat with storage can be easy multipurpose choices.

Incorporate your child’s opinion

You’re not just buying pieces of furniture and décor - you’re building your child’s world for them. Naturally, they will also have their opinions on how they want things to turn out. Bring them into the decision making process and let them see their choices matter. Letting them pick the color of the upholstery or a bunk bed design of their choice will go a long way in how much they love the room and how they feel about spending time there.

Even when you take all of these factors into consideration, the needs and wants of a child can change at a pace faster than most of us can keep up with. The best you can do is make choices that grow and change with them, and enhance their childhood to a great experience.

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