Ways To Maximize Space Using a Bunk Bed Desktop

Ways To Maximize Space Using a Bunk Bed

Whether you’re furnishing a child’s room from scratch or adding elements over the years, it’s only a matter of time before you find yourself running out of space. Between their desk, bed, storage, toys, collectables, hobby items and more, it’s no wonder that an open and free area within a child’s room often ends up as a difficult thing to achieve. However, that available space is actually beneficial for your kids in many ways - it gives them more room to move and encourages more creativity during playtime. So, how do you add more space to your kids room? The answer lies in bunk beds (no pun intended).

Primarily designed to double the available bed space in any room, bunk beds have received great popularity over the years. They enable siblings to share a room more effectively, and even help optimize vertical space in rooms designed for one child. However, there’s more to saving space with bunk beds than just adding additional resting space. Here are some ways in which you can use bunk beds to maximize space in your child’s room.

Convert an extra bunk into a play area

If you have one child and are thinking about getting them bunk beds for their room, we wholeheartedly recommend you go ahead. The additional vertical bed can be converted into a wide range of functional and fun areas depending on the tastes and preferences of your kid. For example, the additional level can be a treehouse-like zone with their favorite toys and small activities placed in it to spark their imagination. It can also be converted into a comforting reading nook for the bookworm within your child. This saves the need to set up a separate play or lounging area within the room, and enables them to use the extra floor space as they see fit.

Pick a bunk bed with storage

Beyond the extra floor space enabled by design, bunk beds for kids can also help you free up some space in the room currently used to stack or store things. To do that, the bunk bed you pick must be designed with adequate storage space. Additionally, when you’re looking for bunk beds online you should always keep your child’s perspective in mind - will they be able to easily use the bunk bed with storage? Is the storage easy for them to open? The Climbr bunk bed with storage meets these requirements while also being designed with safety and durability as a priority.

Add (even) more sleeping space with bunk beds

Picking beds for teenagers comes with its own sets of challenges. The rules that apply to choosing bunk beds for kids won’t necessarily help you find the best bunk beds for a teenager. Your teenage child might need additional resting space when their friends visit for a sleepover. Rather than keeping a temporary mattress or an entirely different bed or couch in the room for this purpose, invest in something like the Climbr bunk bed with trundle. Even when your teenage child has two friends over, there’s adequate ergonomically designed space on this bunk bed for all of them.

Invest in multifunctional bunk beds

One of the easiest ways to save space in any room of your home is to replace two items with one that does the job of both. Your child’s living space is no different. If you can add bunk beds that also double up as activity areas by default, you could achieve better space efficiency. For example, the Climbr bunk bed from Smartsters has an ergonomically designed climbing wall for deep muscle and aerobic activity. Not only does this add a new element of play into their room, it does so in a way that promotes their physical growth and accommodates their changing capabilities as well.

Consider loft beds

If you’re not very particular about having two bed spaces in the space saving solution that you choose, then a loft bed can also be a great way to maximize available area in any room. It just has the one top bunk and frees up the space beneath to be used as you see fit. A design like the Castle from Smartsters makes the most of this by adding a softboard in the nook beneath the top bunk. This addition enables children to achieve better self expression for their evolving identities. In addition to a climbing wall, it also comes with a slide that has handles so that your child can control their speed of descent.
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