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A Complete Guide To Different Cushion Fabrics

Right now, Kids' Cushions are now a necessity because your kids need something soft to put their heads on. Searching the internet platform will let you come across so many beautiful options under cute pillows, making it all the more difficult to choose one that matches your choice, budget and feel the most.

But, being a responsible parent, you always need the best for your kids. So, unless you are sure of the fabrics used for manufacturing Kids' Cushions, you can’t make the right decision. A complete guide to various cushion fabrics from Smartsters will let you get a step closer to the best purchase. So, let’s jump right into the details.

Various fabrics used for manufacturing cushions:

The cushions or cute pillows are used all around the house and are not just restricted to your sofas or lounges. Some of them can also be used outside on your garden bench or patio. So, the fabric that you plan to choose will reflect the longevity of the product. For example, the Kid's Cushions that you use in the bedroom won’t have to be that hard-wearing like the ones that you use in your main lounge or garden bench. 

A cushion that is placed on an unused chair won’t be as durable as the one that you use on your family sofa. So, depending on your usability and the area where you are going to place them, selecting the right cute pillows online is crucial. Let’s focus on the fabrics first to get the right choice going.

The use of linen and cotton:

Most of the top-notch manufacturers like us at Smartsters use cotton and linen as the two major components for manufacturing  Kids' Cushions. That makes the final product washable and hard-wearing at the same time to withstand daily pressure with ease.

  • Cotton and linen are often considered natural fibers and perfect choices for people with sensitive skin. So, these materials are perfect for making cute pillows designed for your kids.
  • These fabrics are cool to the touch and can be a great choice for the upcoming summer months. You can even place them outside for that comfortable touch while lounging on your garden bench.
  • Linen might sometimes crease considerably. So, it might not be the right choice for the sofas, which are widely used. 
  • Both these linen and cotton options are suitable for outdoor use as long as they are not exposed to natural elements. Be aware of the sun's bleaching and color fading.  

Overall, these materials are perfect for manufacturing Kids' Cushions, which you can then place on Bunk beds for kids. The options are plenty as we have cool designer pieces for you to try out.

Canvas material:

If you are trying to look for a fabric to create cute pillows design for outdoor uses, then canvas seems to be a perfect choice to consider. It is the finest example of strong cotton fabric. 

  • The material is quite hard-wearing and also resistant to multiple harsh weather conditions.
  • Canvas is used to make Kids' Cushions because the material is easily waterproofed and can be made available in some stunning colors. So, even if your kids spill drinks on the cushions mistakenly, that won’t ruin the design of the cushion!
  • Some manufacturers are working on PVC fabrics, which are resistant to inclement weather and can be an excellent choice for manufacturing cushions for outdoor use. However, these cushions are not meant for your kid's bunk beds but for your own outdoor uses.

Wool or silk:

For bedrooms or hallways, you want the cushions to be more decorative than functional. You can try adding Kids' Cushions to these areas but need to have some space allotted for the ones made out of silk or wool. 

  • Silk is known to be a luxurious fabric available in the market lately and can be quite expensive. However, with the right care, you can ensure that the cushions last a lifetime.
  • If you are particularly looking for cushions to be placed on kids' bunk beds, then silk or wool won’t be a preferable choice. Going for cotton or linen instead is a clever decision.
  • Wool is the hair from an animal like a goat or sheep, which is then spun into yards. You can also have the alpaca wool, which is soft yet strong at the same time. However, the rates are reasonably high.
  • Both genuine wool and silk are versatile and tactile materials. These materials might not be suitable to match the kid's furniture out there.
  • However, it needs specialist cleaning to clean out the silk or wool pillows and give them an all-new look. All these steps make them less ideal to use in areas where you have pets or children normally loitering around.

If you are particularly looking for Kids' Cushions, which can match the vibe of kids' furniture, then silk and wool is not the best option to choose. However, for other fancy parts of the house, these materials can go pretty well.


Leather is mostly overlooked as a fabric used for manufacturing cushion covers. However, it is quite hard to wear and often a good choice for those areas with a lot of wear. Much like providing you with detailed information about our Kids Mattress, we would like to share some thoughts on leather cushion fabrics now.

  • Leather is one of those fabrics, which are becoming more user-friendly with age as the texture and patterns mature.
  • However, leather is not a good option to create Kids' Cushions because these materials are hard to clean. 
  • It is possible to get cushion covers, which are made out of vinyl, which is another synthetic fabric made to imitate leather. But, it won’t have the aging qualities or durability and will need specialist cleaning.

The final say:

Upon purchasing Bunk beds for kids from our side at Smartsters, you are planning to invest some bucks in Kids' Cushions. Before you do that, it is important to check out the fabric options available. Much like offering discounts on Bunk beds for kids, we have special discounts on kid’s cushions as well but for a limited time only.

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