9 Storage Ideas for Kids' Room Desktop

9 Storage Ideas for Kids' Room

Finding functional yet alluring storage arrangements and authoritative thoughts for kids' rooms can feel like a daunting task. This is particularly the situation assuming you're attempting to keep away from significant establishments and custom work. Peruse on to find 9 outstanding kid’s room storage ideas from Smartsters for carrying more storage and options to any kid's room.

1.Hanging Dollar Store 

Hanging baskets to organize toys and small stuffed animals out of the way is a great hack for kid’s room storage ideas. This opens up the important floor and toy chest space for more established kids who need to hold tight to a portion of their most loved toys that they don't play with any longer.

A small peg, a hole, and a snap on the sides held these baskets together. Simply use a screw to attach each crate to the wall and drill a hole in its bottom. A large, flat metal washer should also be used behind the screw because the plastic can crack and it will also add stability.

2.Capacity Containers in the Storeroom is a Basic Arrangement

Plastic economical containers are great for kids' room organization, as well! You can hang them above the shelf on the wall. See above. You can use them for swimwear, socks, and other seasonal items or accessories that you won't use often. When it comes to tidying up their rooms, it's so helpful for your children to know where everything goes.


On the off chance that fitted joinery isn't your favorite, an enormous detached pantry that bends over as a closet and toy cabinet is likewise an extraordinary decision. For instance, this could eliminate the need for an additional chest of drawers,  allowing for additional space for play, a desk, or a reading nook in kids' room organization.

Upcycled vintage armoires are a favorite of mine. You could go for an extra wide, or 3-entryway piece, or two slimmer pieces close to one another, which gives a pleasant quiet musicality to a room. To make the interior your own, you can easily add shelves or a rail.

4.Fitted capacity

A mass of floor-to-roof work in pantries is an extraordinary method for limiting mess and expanding floor space in your kids' room organization. In the event that you have a financial plan, this is a phenomenal speculation. Make sure the interior is set up to store clothes, toys, and other belongings. If you prefer to keep things simple, finish the cabinets in the same color as the walls to make them blend in and maintain a feeling of space.

You can try a combination of open and closed wooden shelf racks if a wall of plain doors doesn't appeal to you. Using interesting materials like plywood or timber boards—also a great way to update existing cabinets—is another option. Other ways to spice things up include using chalkboard paint, cool handles, large stickers that span multiple doors, or a color that stands out.

5.Decor acts as a boundary

Due to the perception that it is a waste of space, parents rarely do this by attaching bookshelves. But if the table is pulled away from the wall, kids can move around it more freely and welcome friends.

It not only creates a miniature room within the room but also visually anchors the room and their belongings. Because their rooms are typically one large space, children's rooms frequently become extremely occupied. It is simpler to identify and honor the activities (such as glitter crafts) that should only take place in particular locations by establishing this distinct boundary with bookshelves.

6.A Girl's Dream Barbie Collection Organized 

A DIY Barbie organizer is a brilliant idea as Kid's Storage Furniture! Yet, on the off chance that you don't have the Do-It-Yourself quality, a shoe coordinator will turn out great, as well.

The instructions for the sewing gene are as follows:

  • One yard of fabric is cut longways to create two 44-inch pieces that are then joined by sewing.
  • One yard of medium-thick plastic, cut into 9-inch strips, should be added to the back for additional stability.
  • Put the binding on the top of each piece of plastic.
  • Make loops with a pinch to fit around the barbecue.
  • Sew level along the lower part of the plastic and all over the strips.
  • Add a binding around the edge and a loop for a dowel at the top. Tie some ties to the hooks if you like. Place it just next to your kid’s wooden shelf rack


Next are shelves that can be installed on a wall or stand-alone as Kid's Storage Furniture. These are magnificent for showing your youngster's most lovely belongings, however, too many open racks can cause a space to feel muddled - really take a look at your capacity to bear stuff on show. Where down to earth, utilize attractive, planning boxes and compartments on racks to bring together the look, or use racks with entryways.

8.Trundles and trunks 

Include the area beneath a bed as well. However, you can favor bunk bed designs that are raised off the ground to keep the room looking open, an under-bed trundle can be helpful in more modest rooms. Alternately, a toy box or trunk, such as one for dress-up clothes, can frequently be found at the end of the bed.


At last, save a few bins close by for fast clean-ups. Fabric and natural baskets, like seagrass or wicker, look great and give a room texture and warmth.

Now, you can understand that making your kid’s storage space with a toy storage shelf is challenging and crucial simultaneously. Therefore, bringing in a professional will take the guesswork out of the process and guarantee that each aspect of your children's rooms is tailored to their specific requirements. At the same time, you can select a toy storage shelf from our place. Contact us, Smartsters, and get a variety of the comfiest, most lucrative, and on-demand children's storage room furniture at the most cost-effective price. Call us at +91 998 716 0922 or email: to get quick feedback.
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