5 Ways for Kids to Use a Loft or Bunk Bed for Creative Play Desktop

5 Ways for Kids to Use a Loft or Bunk Bed for Creative Play

Designing a space for kids in your home has to incorporate a wide range of factors. A space for your kids needs to be an area where they love to spend their time - whether they’re studying, creating art, playing or resting. To fulfill all these needs and more, the pieces you pick for your kids room must be designed with versatility in mind. For instance, you can consider picking bunk beds for small spaces as a way to give siblings a way to share a room.

However, creative bunk beds could feature a design that solves multiple needs for a single child as well. You could use bunk beds as loft beds for small rooms to double the space available for various activities. It all depends on how you can encourage them to use it. To help you with that, here are five ways for kids to use a lot or bunk bed for creative play with your help:

Build a play corner

If your child has a small room, you can go for cool loft beds that allow you to create a play nook in the available space. Check out designs like the Castle loft bed from Smartsters. It features a dedicated hideout space beneath the loft bed that can be converted into a very cozy play nook with minimal effort. All you have to do is add in a small comfortable mattress, some pillows and voila, you’ve built a space where they can spend hours reading their favorite books, playing with toys or just getting a midday nap. 

Additionally, the design also features a slide that delivers an element of play to their living space. Once you set it up, this can become a comfortable resting space as well as a playtime favorite for your kids and their friends.

Create a play house

If you want your kid to have the feeling of playing in a treehouse while they’re in their room, you should go for a bunk bed with stairs where you can convert the top level to a play zone. This creates a ‘secret-clubhouse’ space which they can enjoy with their friends. Stock it with their favorite toys for their playtime. You can also add a few bags for soft storage options that they can move around as needed.

The Climbr bunk bed with stairs is designed with proven sensory soothers to provide adventurous play for your kids. While the stairs provide easy access to the top bunk, there’s also a fun climbing wall that can be used during playtime. The design features ample ventilation all over so that your kids are comfortable, whether they’re playing in a play house space in the top bunk or getting some rest in the bottom bunk.

Turn it into a gallery

A bunk bed with stairs is also an ideal candidate for building a gallery for your kids’ artwork. You can stick the artwork on the side of the bed or even hang them on a piece of thread which you can then tie to the bed posts. On a design like the Climbr, you can use the rock climbing wall to tie the thread too. With this addition, the bunk bed in your child’s room can take its place among the ranks of cool bunk beds that they’d love to show off to their friends when they’re visiting.

Go for color

Never underestimate the importance of color in encouraging children to be more playful. A colorful bunk bed can be the star of the room from an aesthetic perspective, while also being the center of attention during your kid’s playtime. However, you also need to be mindful of the color choice. 

Studies show that bold patterns and strong contrasting colors can be overstimulating for your child. Go for clear pastel colors to mild-blue tones for the bunk beds and loft beds for small rooms that you pick. Bunk beds from Smartsters are designed with the right balance of colors and thoughtful design elements. Using color therapy principles, we have designed these beds to provide a soothing and relaxing visual experience for kids while also blending in with the decor choices for most rooms.

Build a storage nook

Even when you’re not thinking about incorporating cool bunk beds and cool loft beds directly into playtime for your kids, they can still be a part of the experience in other ways. With loft beds, you can incorporate storage in the space beneath the top level. Check out options like Goofy that can double up as seating. Its mobile design with wheels makes it easy to move out when you need that extra space under the bed. 

The Climbr is a cool bunk bed that also fulfills this purpose. You can use the additional storage space beneath the lower level of the bunk bed to store larger toys. Its easy-to-use knobs can be safely handled by your little one when they want to get their favorite teddy out.

Let your kids explore

Once you get a colorful bunk bed for your child’s room, or invest in loft beds for small rooms, you might feel you’re running out of ideas to make it a more playful experience. In that case, let your child take the lead. Their imagination can discover more ways and ideas to have fun with the bed that won’t come as naturally to adults. The important thing is to let them explore and have fun.

You, on the other hand, should explore the wide range of thoughtful designs that Smartsters offers for the various aspects of child development. From learning to playing to growing while childing, Smartsters is designed with child development experts and parents with the intention of building spaces where children can truly blossom.

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