5 Tips to Make Bunk Beds Look Appealing Desktop

5 Tips to Make Bunk Beds Look Appealing

Bunk beds are a unique addition to any room. With the two levels in their design, they improve vertical space management. They’re perfect for homes where siblings share a room. Its visual appearance adds a special touch to any indoor space where it is added. 


However, there are many ways to further improve the bunk beds in your room or your child’s room. If it does draw the most attention why not make it look appealing according to your tastes? Here are some easy ways you can go about that.

Get the correct linen

Just like any bed, the linen that you use on bunk beds is very important. It should be soothing and comfortable for your child, enabling a good night’s sleep for them every day. Additionally, it also has the responsibility of making bunk beds look even better. Choose shades and colors that are complementary to the appearance of your bunk beds. For example, The Twilight coverlet is perfectly well suited for the Climbr bunk bed.

Add a curtain

Add a dash of color and a sense of privacy in one move by incorporating a curtain in a colorful setup of bunk beds. This gives your child a place to build into a comfortable nook. It also becomes a favorite hiding spot during hide and seek. Make sure that there’s enough visibility inside the bed once the curtain is pulled. The curtain also creates a sense of ownership within the child as they treat the space within as their own to keep clean and organized.

Pick the right material and finish

One of the easiest ways to ensure that bunk beds look appealing is to go for a particular finish that is aesthetically pleasing to begin with. Wooden bunk beds with a polished finish look very nice in rooms that have wallpapers that match the wood theme. On the other hand, if your room features a pastel color scheme, you should pick a colorful bunk bed to match that.

Make multipurpose sections

Some bunk beds feature play sections. For example, the Climbr bunk bed comes with a climbing wall. You could convert a section like that into a display wall for your child’s artwork. The Castle loft bed features a soft board that encourages children to express themselves through their creativity. In both of these designs, adding the drawings, doodles and more will enhance the aesthetic appeal of bunk beds.

Redo the room

Sometimes you’ll need to look beyond the bunk beds themselves to find ways to make them look better. The Castle is a bunk bed with a slide. To enhance its visual appeal, you could think about decorating the room in a playground theme. This would involve redoing the walls in a more playful way, adding fun accessories and more. Similarly, for wooden bunk beds you could go for a rustic look that ties the entire room together.

Bedside additions

Adding a bedside table to the setup can improve the visual appeal while also adding functionality to the setup. The right bedside table can add storage and stimulate the child’s playfulness through its design. The Boop is a great example of this dual purpose design. Lamps are also a great way to add some brightness to the room. Pick lamps like Pupper and Woof Woof to bring together functionality and fun effortlessly.

Make it fun

Always remember who the room is for. Get your child involved in the process of decorating their bunk beds and you’ll find them more attached to it in the long run. Even if their suggestions don’t match your aesthetic sense, it is important to give them the agency to decide what their own bed will look like. Who knows, they might bring in some out of the box ideas that totally redefine the look of the room.

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